Irregular Lines was created by Theodora Martinos as a reason to stand out from the crowd.

Back in  2015 Theodora saw that the possible choices in the market were becoming very similar in terms of design and functionality.

There was a global demand for something different and individual, something to wear, create or design with a strong taste and timeless sensibility.

Our range includes Interior design solutions, customize furniture, Homewares, handbags, gifts and anything else that gives a pleasant shower to our eyes.

Most of our designs has been created by our team and this make our brand unique.

Gifts and handbags are totally handmade and one of a kind.

The brand is now sold throughout small retailers around the world and every one of them has exclusivity of designs chosen when it's come to more than one store in the same town.

If you wish to be our partner please contact us: theodora@irregularlines.com

it's all about creating unique designs

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