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Go for a chick industrial vibe by using space planning in an effective way !

For a few combinations of paint, textures and fabrics in different ways can create a great design but for a few; simple, clean straight lines blended with the modern furniture are enough to create a statement.



A good interior design from a user point of view is the one that results into a comfortable, functional, practical and convenient interior that defines or reflects their mood, life style, personality and taste.Light colored walls make the room feel airy and larger in size. Choosing right colors and making right combinations of colors such us the above example, optically increases the space..



Using similar light color on walls and flooring makes the space appear much larger than it actually is and also creates a sense of continuity.

The designer maximized the entrance of natural light into each space by leaving the windows totally uncovered in order to merge with the outdoors and create an illusion of depth and space.



 Focal points can be any prominent piece of décor, item or furniture in a room that can draw all the attention towards it. The painted wooden doors, kitchen’s old fashioned window and the wooden shelves boxes are elements that keep the eye focused and does not wander around at surroundings.

Big closets create valuable space for storage but also free up from many unwanted things and distractions, thus making the room feel spacious and less busy.

There is no better friend then a mirror for a small apartment or space since they possess the property of amplifying natural as well as artificial light and then radiating it throughout the room. The result is making rooms’ interior much brighter and also looking much larger than it actually is.


Generally all the pieces of furniture are placed against the wall to create space in the centre. 
Placement of furniture in any room can be a challenging decision. Especially when it is a small room and the furniture has to be placed in a way that the room appears spacious and not cramped up.


The two main requirements when designing a bathroom are practicality and functionality. Designer used wall areas intelligently by placing storage units in such a way that they do not look messy or cramped.


Installing a work desk without cramping up the interior is to utilize small unused corners of the house. Designer created a compact floating work desk that utilizes vertical space and added a small folding chair that can be folded and put away when not in use.

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