Hakuna Matata

Real Life is Not a Fantasy Novel, but we can make it like a Fantasy Novel !


That’s exactly what was on designer’s mind while planning the Hacuna Matata and it is more than obvious in any unique detail.



  Fairytale oriental palace was designers’ first purpose so
the entrance is marked by the Cob construction technique which requires almost no money or skill, and involves very little environmental destruction while at the same time allowing any shape you wish.



Building with earth encourages one to fully revaluate how a living space should feel. Structures and surfaces built by hand convey that they were build by people, for people, thus creating a nurturing experience for the sheltered. In contrast, modern industrial materials and design hide the humanity of the creator and frequently expose inhabitants to toxins.



And what comes after ? The magical effect of the orange color which evokes feelings. Creativity, productivity, pleasure, enthusiasm, optimism and emotional expression are the keys of spending a good time in a place.



Fantasy grows since your first step is indoor and it ‘s been helped with the use of maps (called as ‘‘Visual adventure’’) or by transforming shells into furniture, creating the feeling that you are on the bed of the sea or even better by blowing your mind through the giant flower ‘s creation on use of lighting needs.


Do not underestimate the use of natural gemstones because those of us who love crystals and stones, and strongly believe in the characteristics they carry and the benefits they offer, find it absolutely necessary to surround ourselves with the natural and positive energies they give off. 

Hacuna Matata has an eco friendly design, inevitable !



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