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                                                                            It’s always better to make a good first impression ! 

Signs can be an essential component of a business's overall marketing strategy. Visible by day, delicated at night, dimensional letters provide great depth and precision to company's sign in combination with the geometrical rusty- finish, metal-structured reception desk. A big first impression checked !



An interested work following the clients unique taste of design in collaboration with IRREGULAR LINES a Singapore Design & Build firm gives nothing more but  a stunning finish.



The COE's working station is made by CORIAN and is reflective to a small meeting point with a black glass board along the wall allow ideas sharing.


Open workplace vs closed private office spaces ? Which one is best for you and your clients ? We still believe in the second ! Concrete can be used throughout in many different construction projects. A wall is a structure that defines an area, carries a load, or provides shelter or security. But what is the main goal and the purpose of using these two lines at the design ? Concrete - walls assure safety, so the design goes without saying. ‘‘Relax, you are in good hands’’ ! The big oval table taking place and light brown leather Eames chairs, give an enjoyable feeling to meetings, encourage conversation, cooperation, and teamwork.


Track spot lights gives a very unique tone to the items that designer wants to emphasizes, like this hand painted map of the old Amsterdam. A unique art piece made from an engineering at his 60s before he finish his career.


Frosted glasses details, wooden floor, carpet and texture/colors play-set contrast at the working stations, jazz it up and give an industrial-comfort vibe, promoting professionalism and privacy with an elegant spirit.

Information area’s design and large open spaces around executive offices gives a break for sharing ideas to the developers, enjoying Singapore's magic view from 14th floor


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