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Restaurants are places of good times and great food. There are million restaurants, each trying hard to differentiate itself from the next.  Not an easy task at all !

When a restaurateur sets out to get their business just the right vibe through interior design, there are several different elements, which have to be considered.

Particularly in restaurant interior design one of the most important elements of good interior design is the personality of the place and involves many different parts as well ..which does not simply limit on the color to be painted on the walls.

Gyromania’s designer achievement is that conveys restaurants’ concept through balancing different textures and similar design elements. The use of different kind of wood, black and white tiles’ patterns and metal details create contrast and harmony unity !


While good food and good customer service are crucial for return business, the ambience of a restaurant is also important. You want customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their meals. Hanged kitchen gadgets all around the place make yourself at home and pleased. Wooden tree also has its own impact since subconsciously promotes the health, and well-being of mind and body.


The open kitchen might be a result of a trend toward smaller, more casual restaurants but the surprising side benefit of the open kitchen design is that the food may be better. It entices the customer’s eye directly to the center of activity, so that’s why it is used by Gyromania’s designer.


The designer who first invented and implemented the open kitchen unequivocally had for sure a great taste for warm ambiance and social theatric !

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