Lala Curio Oyster Bar



You have to know the rules to break the rules is said. From unexpected color pairings to giving vintage a new lease on life, spaces that march to the beat of their own drum are inspirational and undeniably chic.

With a subtle nod to the unexpected the color combination feels clever and elegant !

While classic pieces and heirlooms often require a thoughtful approach to preserve their historic and sentimental value, we love a good redemption story that bar details’ tells to us without a word !

For obvious reasons, dark furniture can lead to a darker space in general. Therefore, the designer has adequate ambient and task lighting throughout to brighten it appropriately, by using a mix of overhead lights and lamps in order to look romantic and intimate. The use of pops lively color, break up the dark aesthetic and welcome a wink of warmth and personality.



Natural lighting will do wonders for dark furniture, so the idea is to open the shades and bring in the sun.



The realistic mural paint of books on the wall creates an optical illusion of large bookshelf and reflects the sustainability efforts.






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