Wine & Delicatessen

The influence of the Past spirit in the Present !

1922 since nowadays count many years of experience through generations obviously the design is based on local needs, locally sourced materials and local traditions.


Vernacular design, fits with the environment with harmony, emphasizes ecological sensitivity, tend to protect what is nearby and interacts the landscape in a unique and beautiful way, preserving a distinct and recognizable character indoor.



Vintage Handcrafted wooden shelves oozing quality in every detail, imperfectly perfect, matching a naturalistic yet imposing wine rack which meets the knowledge of wine storage and re-defines the entire thinking of wooden truck usage.


The wagon wheel chandelier and barrel’s shape couldn’t be missed since they are classical eyepieces which give sustainability into design by telling a story without using a word and also connect wine’s making process to the final product.

There are thousands of factors that impact customer trust..but standing authentic and loyal are fundamental ideals that remain the keys to building a brand with staying power !







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it's all about creating unique designs

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